Krawler LMS - Learning Management System

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Krawler LMS is a solution for planning, managing and delivering all learning activities including online, blended, and physical delivery models. Krawler LMS can easily be configured to suit your program and course structures, learning processes, bursary and other norms and policies. The focus of the LMS is to manage scheduled course activities ,faculty and student groups, keeping track of their progress and performance through the courses. Krawler LMS software provides a platform which faculty can leverage to disseminate knowledge using their preferred learning delivery methods, be it activity-based learning, case-study method, or pedagogical delivery.

Learning Management System with online LMS applications for online learning processes, online training, LCMS, campus management, faculty management, facilities management, virtual classroom, course management, examination management, learning life-cycle management and more for web based learning.

Online learning system for E learning software, online education, online training and more. Web-based LMS software for online courses on Learning Management System from Krawler LMS.



Krawler LMS is the most comprehensive LMS solution available in the market, covering a wide range of functionalities from Content Creation, delivery, Examination management to Administrative functions like Resource scheduling, Bursary, Admission workflow, and much more.



Krawler LMS software provides an exhaustive set of LMS features required to run your learning activities efficiently, covering all aspects of your learning or trainng needs, both in a corporate and academic environment.


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